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Predictive Analytics Trends: 2016 and Beyond

by Karl Motey and David Darrough

Analytics is widely regarded as the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. The new economy that is emerging currently is based on data, and much of the innovation occurring throughout the technology landscape is geared towards using this data to generate business value. With advances in technologies such as connected devices incorporating sensors combined with the massive compute and storage capabilities within the cloud, also known as Internet of Things (IoT), data can now be gathered, stored and analyzed from thousands of nodes…


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China’s Important Role in the Semiconductor Industry

by Karl Motey


China has rapidly become a top priority for many semiconductor executives. While the Chinese semiconductor consumption market is the largest in the world, representing $168B, or about 50% of the worldwide market in 2014, non-Chinese companies have supplied much of this volume. As such, there is a growing movement within China to increase its semiconductor design, IP and…

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