A New Technology for Music Fans: The SubPac

The future is here, and it comes to us in the form of SubPac: a technology for music fans, which is rapidly gaining followers in the worlds of electronics music and hip hop. With 338 backers pledging $102,261 to help bring this project to life on a very successful Kickstarter Campaign, the SubPac is the most cutting edge way to listen to music. Or rather, feel music.The SubPac connects with the music you are listening to and plays the bass through your body, giving the wearer an immersive experience unlike anything seen in the music industry before. The SubPac is the brainchild of StudioFeed, located in sunny Los Angeles and founded by John Alexiou and Todd Chernecki. John, a lifelong musician, is the driving force behind this ingenious product. And Todd, a prolific attorney, a music collector and life long friend of John is the glue that holds it together. Although originally launched in metropolitan Toronto, they have expanded to offices in foggy London, and bustling San Francisco. There are two models, the S2 and the M2 which both allow the user to experience music in a new way.

The SubPac S2 – $379


This is the model StudioFeed came out with to fully finance their Kickstarter Campaign. The technology allows the user to feel the music, by connecting with the song and having the bass vibrate through and into your body. The technology is made up of a combination of speaker components, tactile membranes (materials that vibrate in an ideal way), and electronics like filters and amps. This tactile monitoring system is more accurate for low frequencies and bass than any other technology.

The S2 version is attached to your chair and can only be used when sitting down. They are marketed towards DJ’s, musicians and now gamers who spend a lot of time sitting at a computer mixing music, or playing video game campaigns and trying to get that deep vibrating bass feel. HIstorically, this feeling has been accomplished through louder and louder music, causing damage to eardrums, but with the SubPac you can listen at a reasonable decibel and still become immersed in the music.

The SubPac M2 – $399


The SubPac M2 is the big seller at StudioFeed. The wearable version allows you to get up from your seat and dance along with the music pulsing through your body. With an improved ergonomic design, and nano-silver treated materials to combat bacteria and odor, the M2 is the most desirable product on the market for music creators and enthusiasts alike. This version also comes with a bluetooth input, making twisted wires a thing of the past.

“SubPac is a tactile audio device that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body, allowing you to FEEL MUSIC.” – SubPac

The SubPac is also gaining a lot of celebrity support from the electronic music industry. In a touching and humorous video put out by StudioFeed, they show off how music professionals are reacting to the SubPac and what it can do.

The merits of the SubPac range from enjoying music on another level, to protecting the eardrums of listeners and artists.

“When I activate the SubPac I am transported to a world of 3-D frequencies.” – Mala

With glowing reviews from audio professionals and tech blogs, (more here)  the SubPac is going to be the new way to enjoy music. Studiofeed has practically invented a new category of wearable device, that most of us never thought we needed. As the technology improves and the demand increases, we can only expect to see more great things coming out of this new section of the music industry.


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